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Cape Wagyu – South Africa – Stellenbosch

We supply the best beef in South Africa. Ethical and humane farming is top priority. The Cattle enjoy green pastures and the beef is juicy and tender.

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The Wagyu Story

2 pasture-raised

Ken Forrester Prime beef PTY (Ltd) was founded in 2010 by a bunch of meat and wine loving enthusiasts. The original Wagyu genetics were imported to South Africa in the form of embryos and destined for Angus surrogates. The farm is situated at the foot of the Helderberg Mountain, Stellenbosch. Our vision is to remain the supplier of the best beef in South Africa.

Cape Wagyu Beef

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Have a look at this extraordinary beef!


7 genetics

Dr. Neil van Zyl is a specialised veterinary, he is doing all our fertilisations including, in vitro fertilisation, embryo transfers and artificial insemination.


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Have a look around our farm and on the plate with some beautiful pictures of our Wagyu cattle out in the pastures and of our well marbled Cape Wagyu beef on the plate.


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